Session 17: HOME

18 January 2021

Luke 15

Artist: Tun-I Yen
Luke 15:20 “The Father’s Love”
This drawing is a metaphor. In the centre is the drink that would satisfy all thirst. But often we substitute that for other options. Some may be seemingly harmless, such as juice, or milo, coffee etc. Some like wine or hard liquor. But the enemy of the best is not the worst. More often the enemy of the best is the good.
Artist: Lye Wan Chan
Luke 15 – The Prodigal Son.
Thinking of the elder son and his complaint. Made me think of how I have often thrown tantrums myself, blind to God’s loving embrace and protective hands of grace around me the whole time. That even at my ugliest, He still searches for me, wanting to see my face and hear my voice – SOS 2:14
Title: Welcome Home
Artist: Melanie
Luke 15 “The Prodigal Son”
This is very different from what I began with (originally painted a watercolor that seemed to get darker and darker the more I strived with it… I think there’s more to wrestle with and to accept regarding God’s character and my responses). Anyway, It’s been so worthwhile to continue meditating throughout the week on this passage and the meditation shared with us.
Title: Homecoming
Artist: Geraldine
The father saw the son and filled with a great fatherly love, ran to hug and kiss him. He was willing to forgive and accept him again. He even celebrated his return. The younger son felt unworthy of his father’s love and acceptance after what he had done to hurt the father so deeply. The older son reacted with much anger at the generosity of his father’s love and forgiveness.
What is your response to God’s unconditional love? How would you have responded to God’s invitation to receive His love? When I thought about the story of the prodigal son, of how the younger son left home but finally returned home, I could not help but feel the great depth of God’s love for us. According to Luke 15:10 ” In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents”, we can see how we are greatly loved and valued by God as individuals.
Again when I thought about the woman who
had been caught in the act of adultery and how Jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust something with his finger, I often wondered what he could have written. Although the teachers of the religious laws and the Pharisees were quick to judge and demanded punishment, Jesus challenged them to throw the first stone if any of one of them considered that they have never sinned. Jesus’ concern was repentance more than judgement and punishment.
Jesus said to the woman to “go and sin no more.”
Have you ever thought what Jesus actually wrote on the ground? The Bible did not mention and so we would not know exactly what was written. Someone suggested it might be the sins of the teachers of the religious law and the Pharisees.
Another thought it might be The 10 Commandments.
As for me, I guessed that He wrote “U-turn“
The journey home from the time the prodigal son left home till his return is a process of humbling. At the buttom of the U shape, God’s hand is there, to hold and bring back the son.
The way home was to receive healing and love from God.
路加福音 15:20 、31

Title: Homecoming
Artist: Jillian

(Verse 1)
I spurned you
Turned away from you
Went my own way
Had my own say
Didn’t care what you thought
Didn’t care what you felt
I went wild
Just followed the crowd
But you were always there
Watching and waiting
You were always there
My homecoming
You came running
You came arms stretched wide
You came welcoming me
Your love encompassing me
You came running
You came arms stretched wide
Your love enfolding me
You held me accepting me

(Verse 2)
I was angry at you
Bitter and mad at you
Felt things were so unfair
Felt that you didn’t care
Didn’t understand your heart
Didn’t care at the start
I stayed away
I kept myself apart

(Bridge / end tag)
Your love
Eroding all my defenses
Repairing all my brokenness
Washing away my bitterness
I am Yours
I am home