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Partnering with Singapore churches in Missions to reach the least reached peoples of the world, which is about one-third of the world, who still have no access to the stories of Jesus. WEC’s aim is to work with God’s church in Singapore to see Christ known, loved and worshipped in communities established among such people.





 Our Core Objectives 

Mobilising for Missions


Inspiring, mobilising and equipping the whole church for cross-cultural ministry.

Reaching the Unreached


Sharing the Gospel with the remaining ‘too-hard’ peoples, with the utmost urgency and compassion.

Transforming Lives & Communities


Discipling precious lives and fostering the birth, planting, maturing of truly indigenous, multiplying churches.

Missionary Apprentice Internships

Internships Justin

Justin, spent three fruitful months in Kyoto with WEC Japan as part of his internship with his church’s Missionary Apprentice Program (MAP) with a view to discerning whether Japan might be the place where he might serve in the near future…

Overseas Internships

Internships Yvette

Yvette, a Masters in Divinity student from Singapore Bible College, shares about her 3 weeks overseas “shadow” internship in East Asia with a view to exploring serving among this Unreached People Group after she graduates…

Local Internships

Internships Jason

Jason, a Masters in Intercultural Studies student from Singapore Bible College, shares about his 6 months local internship in WEC Singapore with a view to experiencing and gaining insight into the Sending Base Ministry…

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