Church Partners

WEC Singapore seeks to work in partnership with local churches to mobilise and create awareness of missions and Unreached People Groups (UPGs). Do contact us if you need speakers for missions months or prayer meetings, mission booths, training and mentors (for those exploring long-term mission work).

Here are a list of Possible Partnerships for your consideration:

♥ Set up a Missions Booth to promote awareness of UPGs.
♥ Provide Speakers for Missions Month or Sharing on a specific UPG.
♥ Deploy Facilitators for Prayer for UPGs, Workshops on Culture, Care for missionaries, etc.
♥ Explore the Adoption of a specific UPG.
♥ Assign Mentors to walk alongside individuals, couples or families who are seeking to be involved in long term mission work.

Some of our partners are:

Adam Road Presbyterian Centre (ARPC)

In the first year, ARPC’s request was for WEC to set up a missions booth comprising of missions books (biographies written by WEC missionaries, life lessons learnt while on the mission field, etc.) and information brochures of fields during their annual Missions Month. The next year, it was a missions booth plus a testimony from a missionary. In the following year, some of our Directors were invited to speak at their Missions Retreat Weekend and facilitate workshops, culminating with the final pulpit message on their Missions Sunday. ARPC has also started a Prayer Focus Group on an Unreached People Group in S.E. Asia. That year, we also had the opportunity to arrange a mission trip for their youth. Subsequently, WEC was invited by ARPC together with 2 other partnering missions agencies to provide Missions Mentors to walk alongside their participants. For about 12 hours, participants had opportunities to interact with their assigned mentors and ask all the burning questions they had with regards to missionary life. As mentors, it was our privilege to share how the Lord has been leading us in our respective journeys, the call, the joys, the challenges, the struggles, etc. What a precious time together to learn from each other.

City Gate Church

City Gate’s pastor and his wife first approached WEC with regards to exploring the possibility of adopting an Unreached People Group (UPG). As we discussed and looked at their church profile, we proposed several opportunities. They prayed about it, met up to discuss further with their missions committee and finally decided on an Ethnic Minority Group in East Asia. It was then arranged for an awareness drive at their Missions Sunday where our Director preached a message on, “Not For Keeps” from 2 Kings 7, while we were given the opportunity to share specifically on the unique culture and partnership opportunities for this proposed UPG. We also set up a missions booth to allow the church members to enquire about other UPGs as we believe that some will have a calling to reach other UPGs…Subsequently, City Gate Church sent a recce team to visit the proposed UPG with a view to bringing back a 1st hand report to the church members on how they can be involved in this UPG in future. May this budding partnership be the accelerator for many more people in this UPG to have the opportunity to hear the good news; to grow in their walk with the God who loves them so much.