Jason – Local Internships

Jason, a Masters in Intercultural Studies student from Singapore Bible College, shares about his 6 months local internship in WEC Singapore with a view to experiencing and gaining insight into the Sending Base Ministry…

My main exposure was in Mobilisation ministry. I participated in missions awareness events at churches during their mission month by sharing about various mission opportunities at mission booths, co-organising a Youth Missions Program and observing how to run a Country Prayer Focus. I also got to understand the whole Short Term Workers (STWs) process from 1st contact to facilitating orientation training for STWs, sending them out, debriefing them upon return, as well as the follow up plan for each individual contact. Besides that, I was also involved in the design and use of various media tools like brochures/powerpoints/videos for Unreached People Groups (UPG). I also shared a devotion for a volunteers’ planning retreat and sat in with other department heads to learn about Long Term Workers’ (LTWs) Candidate Orientation process, Member Care and the Prayer/Admin/Finance support structures.

As my goal was to understand and learn the ropes of the Sending Base ministry, I certainly valued the breadth of the exposure and was glad that I could be involved in the daily operations. In the process, I was invited to provide feedback in improving mobilisation and assist at training sessions, all this stemming from good relationships and teamwork with the mobilisation team members. I was also able to connect and offer advice on a one-to-one basis with those seeking to explore missions work or to those who have issues with certain barriers in going forth.

My Take Away:
1) WEC as a whole is like a family, loosely structured with good flexibility.
2) Mobilisation Team is doing a great job in engaging and following up the various contacts and has a good bunch of volunteers – probably need full-time media personnel in the future.
3) Member Care Team is doing a good job, but definitely need more personnel to look after those serving in the fields.
4) Admin and Finance structure is clear and sound.
5) Prayer emphasis in every aspect is commendable.