Candidates Orientation (CO)

CO is a 10 week residential orientation for Candidates (potential Long Term Members) to bond and connect with our Base staff, while getting to know our core values, objectives, the way things function in WEC, etc.

Process of Application

Step 1 — Requirements
You should have these following basic requirements: Evidence of Christian conversion, Testimony of how you are led to consider joining WEC, Formal bible training, Clear missionary calling, Actively involved in ministries in your home church, Sound Christian doctrines, Good mental, emotional & physical health, Proficient in Secular profession, Experiences of bringing others to faith in Christ.

Step 2 — Interview
Arrange for an interview with the Candidates Director for advice and guidance.

Step 3 — Brief Personal Profile
Fill in a Preliminary Application Form so that we have some information of your background.

Step 4 — Consult Church
Arrangements will be made for the WEC Director to meet up with your church’s leadership. We need their approval for you to join WEC. Your church should be ready to partner with WEC in sending you to the mission field.

Step 5 — Formal Interview
Arrange for a formal interview with the Candidates Director.

Step 6 — WEC Policies
Read WEC’s booklets entitled “CORE & PRACTICE” prayerfully and carefully. It gives detailed information of the biblical and practical principles that are uniquely practised by all WEC members. Proceed with Step 7 ONLY if you are comfortable with the “CORE & PRACTICE” of WEC.

Step 7 — Application forms
Complete the full set of Application Forms – Personal data, Testimony, Doctrine, Medical information and References.

Step 8 — Enroll in CO
Receive an invitation to join the Candidates Orientation (CO). This 10 week residential course is conducted two times a year in Singapore.

Step 9 — Complete CO
Successfully complete CO. This will include several sessions to assess your psychological profile & suitability.

Step 10 — Formal Acceptance
Don’t forget to keep in touch with WEC at every step along the way. We are interested in you and your future!