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STEP OUT Training

STEP OUT Training

Come & join in our STEP OUT Training for potential Short Term Members interested in applying to go for a Discovery Trip or TREK.

Candidates Orientation (CO)


CO is a 10 week residential orientation for Candidates (potential Long Term Members) to bond and connect with our Base staff, while getting to know our core values, objectives, the way things function in WEC, etc.

Missionary Training Colleges (MTCs)


WEC’s shockingly affordable Cross-Cultural MTCs scattered around the world are dedicated to train and equip students both theologically and practically to serve God in cross-cultural situations.

Other Trainings Available

1) Thrive Spiritual Retreats with Missions Focus

2) Embers Gatherings (Community of like-minded young adults passionate about God’s mission to the least reached. Facilitated discussions, skill-sharing, seminars and prayer)

3) Prayer Celebrations (specific guided prayer for UPGs)

4) Internships / Mentoring / Coaching for individuals

5) Building Bridges Training for reaching cousins.

6) Multi-Cultural Worship & Song Writing Workshops (https://artsrelease.org/en/intro)

7) People Care Foundational Knowledge & Skills Training – in collaboration with Living Wholeness SG (www.livingwholeness.com.sg) also covering topics like Burnout, Self Care, Restoring Holistic Boundaries, Lightening the Load of Your Heart, Addictions, etc.

Please email us at wecsing.ssb@gmail.com if you are interested.

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